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"Stings many times"


Stinging Nettle/"Indian spinach"

Urtica dioica

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Food and Medicinal Uses:

Young shoots are eaten boiled in April-May, and also dried and made into tea.

High in vitamins A and C, protein, minerals, and iron.

Th'éxth'ex is a coagulant.

Treatment for anemia, diarrhea, dysentery, bladder infections, asthma and bronchitis, hay fever, and urinary tract infections.

Urtication (stinging the skin with the nettles) is used to relieve rheumatism and arthritis.

Other Uses:

The stem fibre was made into thread, twine and rope for tumplines, pack straps, bowstrings, harpoon rope, fishing lines, and fish and duck nets.

The stem fibre was also shredded for diaper material.


CAUTION: The plant hairs contain formic acid which stings and irritates the skin. Must be prepared properly and cooked thoroughly before consuming.

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