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Chewó:lhp (tree)

Sxá:meth (cambium)

Ts'its'emá:welh (cambium)

  "Licking," "Lick it"



Populus balsamifera




Food and Medicinal Uses:

The bark of chewó:lhp was peeled in spring and early-summer, and the sxá:meth (sap-like cambium layer) was licked off or scraped and eaten.

Medicine for pain, rheumatism, sore throat, tuberculosis, and an antiseptic.

Parts of chewó:lhp are used to treat skin irritations, burns, and inflammation.

Other Uses:

Chewó:lhp was sometimes made into canoes, which were lighter than those made from Xpá:y (cedar). 

Excellent fuel.

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